Visualeyes 2010

Just thought I’d share with you what I’ve been working on today 🙂

Piggy: 3:32pm

Visualeyes Design®

Visualeyes Design started out in 2009 as a small freelancing business. It is currently run by Baron and Matthew. Baron is the founder of Visualeyes Design. He holds a diploma in graphics design, majoring in advertising & multimedia and is currently at university doing his bachelors degree. He aims to nurture his creativity and loosen his design restrictions through his studies, gaining the critique of his peers and colleagues around him allowing his growth as an individual and as a professional designer. Matthew is a holder of a diploma in web design and is also currently studying the same course at university to extend his knowledge and integrate his web skills within the design field. Baron and Matthew have decided to collaboratively form a company as a side job to assist them in their studies and career endeavours where they can gain relevant experience and practice in their respective fields, hopefully being able to establish some solid ground for the company once they both graduate.

2010 re-launch with an exciting new identity and upcoming website with a client login!

Which logo(s) do you like the most piglet? o.O


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